by lahore

The natural environment is an extraordinary marvel that fascinates us all. It underlies our culture, community, and even our basic existence. Our woods, waterways, coastlines, and minerals provide us with the nutrients we eat, the air we inhale, and the water we need to cultivate our crops. We also count on them for a variety of other commodities and services that we require for our health, pleasure, and success. KUSHAL DEV RATHI 

These environmental endowments are frequently referred to as the world’s “resource base.” These advantages are also extremely advantageous to the economy, ranging from agriculture and forestry to tourism and recreation. KUSHAL DEV RATHI

Because the environment is abundant, we frequently take it lightly and exploit it. We remove forests, overfish seas, pollute rivers, and build over marshes without considering the consequences. We incur enormous economic and social costs by failing to account for the advantages we receive from the environment.

To properly grasp the full repercussions of the decisions we make, we must consider the worth of nature in economic and social terms. Rather than making judgments primarily on short-term vested interests, we might consider the long-term advantages for people, the economy, and, of obviously, nature. Let us all become nature advocates and fight to safeguard it so that we should enjoy the biggest gift that God has bestowed on us in the form of nature.


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