What CBD Method Works Best For Me?

Science surely has come a long way, no denying that. But it still has a long way to go. There are people all over the planet that have been crippled by many chronic illnesses. Be it back pain or arthritis, people seem to have fallen in an endless loop of medications and over the counter prescriptions drugs and pain killers. The problem with most of the medication is that these have adverse long lasting side effects such as cardiovascular issues, gastrointestinal problems and even death as a result of toxicity and over dosage!

There has to be a more organic herbal, safer alternative to these prescription drugs. Well, then it is time you welcome CBD into your lives with open arms! We will enlighten you on the various ways in which you can ingest and reap the CBD benefits in its entirety!

Before we begin though, let us run through the basic of CBD

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an organic compound that you obtain when you extract it from marijuana or hemp seed plant. It is one of the many thousands of active compounds that you can find. These active compounds are classified as cannabinoids.

What Form Can I Get CBD In?

CBD is available in a multitude of forms including edibles, gummy bears, tincture, extracts and even lotions.

Can I Go To Work After I Take CBD?

If your question is: Will CBD get me high? Then you’ll be pleased to know that they don’t. Or not pleased completely depending on what you’re going for.

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance, whereas the scenario of you getting high is accredited to the presence of THC, which is a psychoactive substance. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is present in CBD products in miniscule amounts. If you are going for a Full-spectrum CBD product, then the percentage is below 0.4% (This isn’t enough to get even a toddler anywhere close to “high”!). If you want to stave off of THC entirely, then it is suggested you go for CBD isolate products. These have no THC in them!

Which Way Of Taking CBD Is Best For Me?

All kinds of questions are going through your mind:

  • Should I go for a tincture or should I vape?
  • Should I go for a topical cream or should I take edible?

Let us help you out…

Parameters Vape/smoking Topical Edibles Tinctures Transdermal patches
Onset time Within 5 minutes 20-40 minutes Within 3 hours Up to 2 hours 20-40 minutes
Average duration of effect 2-4 hours 2-4 hours Upto 8 hours Upto 8 hours 4-6 Hours
  • Inhalation

The best thing about inhalation is the quick delivery of the CBD into your system. If you’re having a bout of intense pain and want relief quick, then look no further! The two main ways of inhaling is either by smoking or vaping.

Smoking requires the use of an oil rig or a bong. The CBD is available for use in many forms such as dab, shatter, oil and much more. Dabbing is the preferred method though. It is a waxy like paste that is placed in the heated chamber of the rig. The heat causes the fumes to come about, which is then inhaled. The inhaled fumes moves to the lungs via the throats and is taken into the blood stream without ever undergoing a “First-pass metabolism”. This means the initial breakdown in the liver.

The only problem to smoking is that, it may come across as being harsh on the throat. The other method is to vape. The vape pen can’t be loaded with a “dab” but instead uses an extract or oil. Dried CBD flowers are also utilised in dried herb vaporiser to get all the goodness of Full-spectrum CBD. The vape pen is simple to operate. It requires you to load the oil in the heated chamber. The temperature is set on the chamber, and the fumes are inhaled.

Another plus is it fits into the nook of your pocket, and allows for quick relief on the go!

  • Topical

There exist receptors on the skin as well. It is apt for use especially over joint or the temple when you are having a bout of migraine. It also helps in taking care of facial acnes. It is effective as a localised pain reliever and helps control inflammation there. The drawback is it takes much longer to start showing effects.

  • Tincture And Edibles

CBD oils on mixing with carrier oils are placed in the capillary-rich region under the tongue. The oil is held there for a minute and then ingested for maximum benefit. Edibles such as gummy bears can be added to your diet, or you can either infuse it into your butter or chocolates.

  • Transdermal Patches

These are medical adhesive patches placed on the skin for a continuous supply of CBD throughout the day. This is apt for long-term pain management!