CBD For Pregnant Women

CBD For Pregnant Women
CBD For Pregnant Women
CBD For Pregnant Women
CBD For Pregnant Women

CBD has become the role model for natural herbs as ones that are replacing over-the-counter prescriptions. People are turning towards CBD as an alternative not only because of the plethora of benefits it offers but also the ease of administering it and flexibility in its form. The CBD benefits ranging from chronic pain all the way to PTSD has made it one of the reasons why scientists are questioning if it is a good idea for pregnant women to include it into their regime as well. What do you think: is it a good idea or bad? We’ll help you reach that answer…


The therapeutic drug that you will find as one of the several compounds during marijuana extraction also does a fabulous job when it comes to controlling inflammation. The CBD and these other compounds are called as “cannabinoids”.

Conceiving and birthing another human is a complex process of life giving, one that often takes a toll on the mother. There will be times when she has wild mood swings, and others when she will have terrible back aches and headaches. Let us just say that the pain of having another human inside of you is not just limited to the delivery; the 9 month long period has its ups and downs.

Which is why you may be thinking that CBD could be a great way to help put the mother at ease right? Wrong.

CBD Helps A Lot, But Not While You’re Pregnant

The mother and child are connected by a sacred link via the umbilical cord. Which is why they say, whatever you put in your body will eventually land in your foetus as well. This is why doctors strongly advise the mothers to not consume alcohol, or smoke, or consume recreational drugs during this period of carrying.

The CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which for an otherwise healthy human is fine but for an unborn foetus spells trouble! This system controls learning, motor skills and coordination which could all be severely impaired.

Even in small amounts the prenatal exposure to the CBD side effects will cause long-lasting neurological harm. Researchers have indicated that mothers taking in CBD can sometimes cause the baby to be born underweight.

Although CBD has very little to do with cannabis, doctors are reluctant to give the green light; as the life of a new being, rides on this “hunch”; the hunch that CBD may not cause harm to the foetus.

The Conclusion

Although CBD benefits are a life saver in every other case, it is best you take the consultation of a doctor when it comes to this serious of a matter.