All You Need to Know About CBD Water

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CBD Tincture
Know About CBD Water

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a product that is been widely used for the treatment of many health symptoms and has gained a lot of attention over the past years. CBD-infused capsules, vapes, gummies etc are made available in the market and CBD water is also one among these alternatives.

CBD water is been prepared by infusing CBD particles into the water and it is one among the newest forms of CBD that hit the market. The manufacturers of CBD water claim that it is an easy way to get your CBD fix to reap its benefits for your body.

Presence of Minimal Amounts of CBD 

CBD water often contains very little amount of CBD, which is sometimes regarded as a problem. The amount in each serving of CBD fluctuates depending on the brand, but most of them provide around 5 mg. Even though the recommendation regarding the dosage can vary, several studies that evaluated the beneficial effects of the compound have been using the dosages of at least 15 mg a day.

The low content of CBD in products is justified by many companies – they claim that they are using nanotechnology for decreasing the size of the infusing particles and for boosting the ability of your body for absorbing and utilizing cannabidiol.

A popular study based on CBD pointed out that lipid-based cannabidiol nano-particles can be absorbed by the body in a better way. However, studies and researches on the effects of nanotechnology on the absorption of CBD are very limited. Therefore, more studies are needed for determining the effect on absorption of nanoparticles infused in CBD water.

Air and Light Degrade CBD

CBD is a compound that is highly unstable and it requires a lot of care while preparing and storing for preserving its medicinal properties. Also, exposure to air and light may result in the breakdown of CBD particles, spoiling its potential benefits for the body.

Most of the time, CBD water is stored on grocery shelves, mainly in clear containers at places where bright light can hit it for days or weeks which can result in degrading the CBD content in the water.

Several studies evaluated the effects of storage conditions on CBD which revealed that exposure to light be the greatest cause for the loss of cannabidiols.

However, temperature did not affect CBD water, but exposure to air has a significant effect in losing the CBD content of water. Therefore, the infused CBD in the water begins to break down as soon as you open the container.