CBD Dabs: Answering The Common Questions

CBD Dabs
CBD Dabs
CBD Dabs
CBD Dabs

Dabbing is a relatively new method of CBD consumption that involves heating of the CBD concentrate and inhaling its vapors. CBD shatter and CBD wax are the commonly used CBD concentrates for dabbing.

How Do You Dab CBD?

To dab your CBD concentrate, you will require a dab rig. The equipment comes in a variety of styles and sizes. The major part of a dab rig is its nail, upon which you place the CBD concentrate to heat it. You can choose from a variety of nail types to suit your taste and habits.

When the CBD concentrate is placed on the heated nail, vapors containing CBD are produced as a result, which is then inhaled through the mouthpiece of the dab rig. You can check out this link for top-quality CBD products and to know more about CBD.

What Are The Features Of Dabbing CBD?

 Let us take a look at the features of dabbing.

Faster Effects

When you dab CBD, it takes effect within a few minutes. The fast-acting relief of CBD dabs is attributed to the mechanism by which it reaches our bloodstream. The vapors that you inhale during dabbing are introduced into the lungs, from where they enter the bloodstream with permeable lung membranes acting as channels.

Shorter Duration Of Effects

There is no denying that dabbing offers fast relief but the CBD does not stay longer in our system, requiring us to dab several times a day for long lasting effects.

Safer Than Smoking

Smoking is also a fast acting CBD intake method but it is relatively less safe than dabbing. The smoke introduced into our lungs when we smoke CBD flowers by burning them may cause respiratory troubles in some cases. Dabbing is a safer alternative to smoking.

High Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that is introduced into our bloodstream through particular CBD intake methods. Higher bioavailability of an intake method indicates that the CBD products would be required in lower doses than one of lower bioavailability.

CBD Shatter And CBD Wax

They are two popular CBD products used for dabbing.

The interesting name of CBD shatter comes from its hard and brittle texture. It shatters easily when you handle it. It is a type of CBD isolate that has no cannabinoids except CBD. The extracted cannabinoids undergo winterization and continuous filtering until CBD alone is left out.

CBD shatter is different from CBD wax. While CBD shatter is transparent and shiny, wax has a tint of yellow and is opaque. Always keep in mind that using high quality concentrates ensure the quality of your CBD experience.