How to download twitter videos

by rsneha
How to download twitter videos

Twitter has never been defined as a platform that deals with the quality of posted videos. With a few exceptions, in my 9 years of life as a user of this social network I have seen this: quality video is very few and thousands of them of a painful quality.

Luckily, throughout 2021, Twitter has announced that it is improving the quality of videos and images uploaded to the platform. Now that the quality has improved, you can consider downloading the strange video from this social network. If so, in this post we are going to show you how to download Twitter videos. 

How many times have we come across on Twitter with some cute, funny video or that we just want to save to use later and even to share on another network? The social network does not offer this option but know that it has to download video from there. There are a few ways to accomplish this task simply using both your computer and your phone, on iOS or Android. First of all, please note the copyright and image of the video you want to save, because permission is always required to use third-party content.

One of the simplest ways we have in this regard is to use a web page. There are several web pages that give us the following information: the possibility of downloading these videos that we see on Twitter and that we are interested in having on the computer.

You can download the video directly from Twitter in the browser. First, we need to copy the corresponding tweet URL of the video you want to download. To do this, we click on the Twitter arrow in the upper right corner of the corresponding tweet and click on “Copy the link address of the tweet”. Then we go to this twitter video downloader and paste the link in the URL box and click Download.

After clicking on it, we press the Download button again at the bottom of the drop-down page and the video starts downloading. Using this method, you can download Twitter videos with your computer, phone or tablet. However, if you are using iOS, to copy the tweet link address, you still need to open the side-menu on the right, go to share and select the “copy link address” option mentioned below. Later, you can download the videos again via the webpage mentioned above.


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