How Use Instagram to Increase Engagement?

by Akmal
Instagram to Increase Engagement

You see them each day when you log into Instagram. Everyone from international powerhouse groups to Instagram influencers post them. What are they? Why, comment to enter contests, of path!

Comment contests provide a brief and smooth manner in your fans to have interaction together with your brand.

With a comment contest, it simplest takes folks some seconds to reply on your put up.

However, the effect of enticing with a publish can last much longer, because interacting with a logo will increase customers’ pinnacle-of-mind attention whilst they’re buying.

Beyond engagement, comment contests are a terrific incentive for customers to observe your business on social media, which facilitates grow your followers.

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In this publish, we’ll explore how two ShortStack customers, WED2B and Fast Park, use Facebook and Instagram remark contests to boom engagement with their fanatics and grow their following.

Free Wedding Dress Giveaways with Instagram Comment Contests

WED2B is a bridal retailer based within the UK that specializes in promoting less costly wedding ceremony dresses for £599 (approximately $770 USD) off the rack.

They also provide premium wedding ceremony clothes, bridesmaid clothes and other bridal add-ons.

Right now, they have got a following of approximately 91.4K on Instagram.

Contest Basics

WED2B runs a weekly Free Wedding Dress giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Each week, they submit the information in their contest on their Instagram profile.

WED2B provides a remark activate, along with “Tell us about your first date with your beloved.”

To input, human beings should touch upon the put up with their reply to the set off.

Campaign Elements

There isn’t an awful lot WED2B needs to do to run this campaign. Since Instagram requires pics to put up, the best factors important are a picture and the publish caption that includes their remark prompt and their terms and conditions.

To help sell the contest, WED2B makes use of hashtags that are applicable to brides-to-be.

Hashtags permit people who aren’t already fans of an Instagram profile; however who are interested in the topics relevant to that profile, to discover the profile and come to be fans themselves.

With comment contests, no email addresses are captured, so you need to apply Instagram to contact the winner, either thru a direct message or by @citing the winner.

WED2B chooses to @mention the winner in a new submits one week later.

The 2d put up re-engages the original individuals from the entry post via giving them an incentive to visit the WED2B Instagram profile once more, and gives new fans a chance to find out about the contest.

The Results

WED2B has been the use of ShortStack to host comment contests (almost) weekly on Instagram since March 26, 2019. During that time, they have seen 23,066 entrants to the Instagram component of their contest.

They average approximately 2,300 entries from Instagram in line with week.

Comments aren’t the most effective kind of engagement WED2B advantages from with their Free Wedding Dress giveaway. They additionally obtain numerous likes.

For instance, the entry submit for his or her June four, 2019 publish acquired 1,237 likes!

Trivia Thursday Contests with Facebook Comment Contests

Fast Park is an airport parking company that gives travelers an opportunity parking solution to traditional airport parking.

They have 17 parking facilities throughout 14 markets across Argentina. They presently have approximately 30.9K Likes on Facebook.

Contest Basics

Fast Park has hosted Trivia Thursdays on Facebook for years. Every Thursday, they post a travel-related trivia question. Trivia questions encompass both the question (e.g. In what Argentina.

Need to you bypass the saltshaker while sitting down for a meal which will avoid insulting your host?) and a hard and fast of viable solutions (e.g. A. Egypt, B. Ecuador, C. Morocco, D. Chile). To input, parents in reality post their answer as a respond.

Campaign Elements

Fast Park’s contest best takes a minute to installation. All they want to do is decide a trivia question and provide some solution alternatives.

From there, they put up the question to their Facebook Page. Beyond the question, the post consists of the time the access duration ends (3:30 Eastern time) and a link to the respectable contest regulations.

Like WED2B, Fast Park chooses to @point out the winner within the unique put up.

The Results

Trivia Thursday has been a fixture of Fast Park’s Facebook Page for years. During 2019, approximately 3,182 comments have been made as responses to Trivia Thursday posts.

Fast Park averages about one hundred forty five comment entries every Thursday.

Fast Park representatives stated, “Our potential to maintain long-time period increase and engagement keeps wondering us.

Our weekly Trivia Thursday marketing campaign maintains to develop with latest posts exceeding 2 hundred entries and all posts in 2019 exceeding a hundred and fifty Facebook engagements.”

Another result of this weekly contest? Awareness. The consistency with which Fast Park posts their Trivia Thursdays maintains the carrier itself pinnacle-of-thoughts.

People who assume to be riding to and parking at an airport Fast Park serves might see a put up before hitting the street.

Even if they input, however don’t win the minutiae contest, they may likely remember the financial savings they see whilst parking at Fast Park over different airport parking options.

“We achieve exemplary numbers on natural posts that rival the outcomes of paid Facebook campaigns that is surprising to peer in a social media environment where most manufacturers ought to pay to play.

We are proud to produce content that people no longer simplest want to see, however additionally need to interact with,” Fast Park representatives shared.

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