CBD And Alcohol Effects

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Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD

CBD is becoming very popular all around the world for its therapeutic effects. Benefits of CBD include treatment of anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, skin problems, etc. Recent studies are showing that CBD will also help in dealing with substance abuse and alcohol consumptions.

Today, many alcohol manufacturers are infusing CBD into their products for reducing the side effects of alcohol consumption. But many people are opposing it by claiming that mixing CBD and alcohol can cause severe side effects.

Let’s take a look at how the consumption of CBD and alcohol together affects the body.

CBD And Alcohol May Amplify Each Other’s Effect

Alcohol and CBD can reduce inhibitions and promote a sense of relaxation when consumed in normal doses. Studies show that CBD can reduce anxiety and calm your nerves. Many scientific studies show a daily dosage of CBD for one month will reduce anxiety and improves sleep quality.

When you take CBD and alcohol together, it will amplify these effects. This might lead to symptoms like sedation or increased sleepiness. Some studies also show that consuming alcohol and CBD together may result in mood changes and behavioral changes. Recent studies are showing significant evidence on the side effects of mixing CBD and alcohol. It may cause impairments in motor functions and alter your perception of time.

CBD Protects From The Side Effects Of Alcohol

Numerous studies suggest CBD that may possess the ability to suppress the negative effects of alcohol in your body. Overconsumption of alcohol may cause cell damage that increases the risk of diseases like pancreatitis and liver damage. It may also lead to certain types of cancer.

One scientific study shows that applying CBD on the skin will decrease the brain-cell damage that is caused due to the overconsumption of alcohol by 49%. Another study conducted on mice concluded that CBD can protect you against fatty liver disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption. CBD increases autophagy, a process that promotes tissue regeneration.

CBD Reduce Blood Alcohol Levels

High levels of alcohol in the blood can result in the loss of motor control and cognitive functions. The research on the effect of CBD on blood alcohol levels is limited. However, a study conducted on human subjects found that when 200 mg of CBD is mixed with alcohol, there is a significant reduction in blood alcohol levels.

CBD May Help With Alcohol Addiction

Many researchers believe that CBD can help with alcohol addiction. Some animal studies show that CBD can reduce symptoms of alcohol addiction and withdrawal. CBD could reduce alcohol intake, prevent relapse and decrease the motivation to consume alcohol.