Sleep with or without a bra? This is a question that you have certainly asked yourself

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Sleep with or without a bra? This is a question that you have certainly asked yourself at least once in your life and to which no definitive answer has yet been given. On this subject, opinions are divergent: some women choose to wear it overnight, generally to keep their breasts supported and firm to prevent sagging, or simply for pleasure, while others are totally against it. But what is the best solution? Let’s find out together!


Regarding the wearing of a bra in bed, doctors are clear: sleeping with a bra is not useful. The night, in fact, is the ideal opportunity to let the chest breathe and allow the blood to circulate freely between the two breasts.

In addition, a question is still unanswered: does wearing a bra at night increase the risk of developing breast cancer? According to many surgeons, nothing is proven, there is no concrete evidence. But as a precaution, it is best to avoid sleeping with underwired or too tight bras.


As for young girls, the situation is more delicate: young girls often tend to wear bras at night, but this can be dangerous.

Many young girls are proud to finally be able to wear a bra like the “big girls”, so much so that they tend to never take it off. But you should know that very tight bras compress the lymphatic drainage, which is close to the surface of the breasts, which prevents the flow of lymphatic fluid which allows toxins to be effectively evacuated from the body. It is for this reason that it is important and recommended to leave your chest free while sleeping.

It is neither recommended nor not recommended to sleep with a bra. Be careful though, if you want to keep a bra, choose triangle or non-wired bras for maximum comfort.
The important thing is that you feel comfortable sleeping.


There are always exceptions depending on body types and breasts. Indeed, some doctors recommend wearing a bra to women with large breasts, to those suffering from mastopathy, those who have undergone an operation or those who are breastfeeding.

In these cases, the purpose of the bra is to relieve the chest, preventing it from causing pain during sleep. Also, when the breasts are too heavy, they pull on the skin, decreasing its elasticity. It is therefore advisable to wear specialized or post-operative bras during the night or even sports bras which will be very comfortable and practical, just like nursing bras.which are very flexible and which will follow the evolutions of the chest.


In short, the night bra is not necessary but it is not harmful either. The important thing is to feel comfortable and sleep soundly.

If you choose to sleep with a bra, it is better to choose a soft, light and breathable product, such as a  triangle or wireless bra  that avoids compressing the breasts or causing irritation during the night.


If you are part of the bra team yes, Lemon Curve offers you a wide range of products for all needs.

If you want sexy and comfortable, opt for the ultra-trendy bralettes, which reveal your chest with a lot of sensuality. Robust with its high quality fabrics faithful to the Billet Doux brand , it accompanies you throughout your night. Very few materials for maximum comfort, it is only made of lace and a thin elastic band around the back. This ultra trendy bralette  is the must have of the moment.

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For women looking for comfortable, soft and cute support , Zen Dentelle it’s the perfect solution from Billet Doux . With its soft texture, adjustable straps, imperceptible seams and lace detailing, this is the bra you won’t want to take off . If comfort is important to you, day or night, we have a sports bra for you. Sport Relaxation  is the ultra-light model from the Shock Absorber brand , providing you with pleasant support without underwire thanks to Spacer 3D technology.

For pregnant women with sensitive or even painful breasts, you can sleep with a pregnancy and nursing bra. Our favorite ? Milk from the Cache Coeur brand . Designed in a soft and delicate material, it is both comfortable and attractive. Flexible and seamless, we guarantee you all the comfort you need.


For you who don’t like to wear a bra at night, we have selected pretty babydolls and other glamorous and comfortable nightwear for sleeping.

For maximum glamour, opt for the lovely Ivresse babydoll by Midnight . Its softness naturally envelops the body and its transparency gives it a more sensual touch. Fluid, soft and light, it does not irritate the skin, which makes it perfect for summer nights.

For a touch of romance, Antarès by Iconic is the ideal babydoll that combines comfort and sensuality. This babydoll is a real jewel in which you can deposit your body for a night.

For those of you who love to sleep in beautiful playsuits, the lingerie brand Sans Complexe introduces you to the Arum, for soft and sensual nights. It is characterized by a top and a shorty, both combined in a single piece to accompany you in your beautiful night. In addition, its elasticity allows it to adapt to the silhouette without shearing the skin.

Finally, why not stay sexy even during the night? With the sexy babydoll nightie from the Obsessive brand , you are sure to combine seduction and comfort. Made of a lovely lace and a delicately worked tulle, it sensually reveals your breasts with its sexy cutout at the level of the breasts. In this passion red babydoll, you release your hidden body during the day with sensuality.

In short, whether you sleep with or without a bra, the important thing is to feel good and comfortable at night.

Lemon Curve offers a wide range of products for all needs: lines of soft bras that roll up and do not constrict, for those who wear them even at night, and delicious babydolls for those who prefer not to wear them. .

What are you waiting for? Discover the line that suits you best among our nightwear !

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