Top 10 Places for Shopping in Singapore

by Scarlett Watson
Marine Bay Shopping Centre

Singapore, the sovereign island country and city-state in South East Asia maritime, is a place where you can purchase any world-class goods at the best price. It is like a paradise for all shopping lovers. Here you may find various shops ranging from clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets etc. You may buy different things at an affordable rate as well. There are many places to shop in Singapore.

Explore the Top 10 Places for Shopping in Singapore

1. Shopping on Orchard Road

Shopping in Singapore is becoming more vibrant due to the famous area called Orchard Road being one of the best shopping places in Singapore. This area is popular for electronic appliances from high-end fashion standards along with household appliances. You may find all types of electronic gadgets under one roof. In addition, many artists and buskers perform their art, making the place more special. The area opens at 9 AM from Monday to Sunday and closes at 10 to 11 PM.

2. Shopping in Chinatown

Another famous and best place for shopping in Singapore is Chinatown. It is a very well-known place among locals and tourists as it is famous for its affordability. From souvenirs to clothes, everything you may purchase is at a throwaway price. You can also apply your bargaining skills to satisfy your shopping needs. Here you can also have various types of spices from Singapore. On any occasion in Singapore, the roads are well decorated, and people purchase products at a very cheap rate. The stores of Chinatown open in the morning and close at 11 PM almost daily.

3. Shopping in Vivo City

Another of the best places for shopping in Singapore is Vivo City, located on the 1 Harbour Front Walk, the ultimate place for shopping, entertainment, and lifestyle galleries. It is one of the grandest shopping malls in Singapore, with all types of stores and various brand-name items. Under one roof, you can find food, entertainment places, grocery shopping, branded clothing shopping, homeware shopping, etc. You can also find parking slots at the base of the shopping area, and on the rooftop, you can enjoy views of Sentosa. This place opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM almost daily.

4. Shopping in Little India

Another place for shopping is Little India. It will give you the vibes of India even if you are shopping in Singapore. This place is very colourful and decorated, having all types of Indian items you may find. In addition, you can also purchase spices along with Indian fabric print sarees, flower garlands, varieties of Boho silver jewellery, etc. This place is often very crowded due to the easy connectivity of lanes. This place opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM. It opens almost every day. There is a Mustafa Center that remains open 24 hours. The Little India Arcade is a place where people can purchase Indian products at a reasonable rate.

5. Shopping in Marina Bay

Marina Bay is one of the best places for shopping in Singapore. People can purchase any product, from high-end to affordable brands. It is known for being a versatile shopping paradise. From local to international, you may find everything under one roof. You can also enjoy the glorious decoration, which is a picture-perfect spot for every person coming. You may find different types of footwear at affordable prices. This place opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM. The stores of Marina Bay are open from 11 PM to 11:30 PM from Friday to Saturday.

6. Shopping in Haji Lane

If you are staying in Singapore serviced apartments for rent and want to purchase clothes, accessories, and vintage goods, you can go to Haji Lane. This is the best place for street shopping in Singapore. It is a narrow lane and perfect for all types of shopping, such as vintage cameras, souvenirs, Mixed clothes from Arab and Qatar Boutiques, accessories etc. Various designable products and bright colours attract many people to purchase things. You can find many unique accessories once you shop at Haji Lane. Moreover, you can purchase any item for your loved ones. The shops along the lane open at midnight and close at 8 PM almost every day.

7. Shopping in Clarke Quay

Another place for shopping in Singapore is Clarke Quay. This place is full of boutique stores, malls, and a quay. You may find various types of branded items from various countries that are best to buy at an affordable rate. This place opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM almost daily. You can purchase branded apparel and footwear from this market.

8. Shopping in IMM, Jurong

Among the list of best places for shopping in Singapore is the IMM in Jurong. It is the largest outlet mall in Singapore. You can find more than 80 outlets where you can find every type of branded item, from local to international labels. You can also purchase matching accessories for your clothes. Apart from branded clothes, you can also get interior decorative home items that make the place more unique. The store opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM every day.

9. Shopping on Bugis Street

Next on the list of best shopping areas in Singapore is Bugis Street, located between the two shopping areas named Little India to the north and Marina Bay to the south. You can find almost everything, such as clothes, accessories, housewares, footwear, cosmetics, souvenirs, etc. More than 800 stores are bound by the place where you can spend more than hours exploring innovative products and foods to energize the shopping experience. Every day, the shops open at 11 AM and close at 10 PM.

10. Shopping in Holland Village

Another place to shop for various items in Singapore is Holland Village, which is ideal if you come from another country. You can find Asian goods, footwear, arts and crafts, antiques, carpets, home decor products, etc. This shop opens at 10:30 AM and closes at 9 PM every day. In addition, you can find various Indian brands and popular items from Singapore that you want to purchase as a souvenir.

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